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Pet Grave Markers for Your Beloved Pet

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Pet Gravemarkers as Memorials

Pets are as much a part of a family as anyone else, and when they pass away, the grieving is much the same as it is for any other loved one. A memorial pet grave marker is a great way to remember your pet. It is especially helpful for children who most often do not have as much experience with the grieving process from the death of loved ones. Having a marker as a place for them to go when they are grieving will serve, in much the same way, as a headstone does for our other loved ones buried in a cemetery.

Pet Headstones – What is the 1st Step?

Many people, especially first time pet owners that are experiencing the loss of a pet for the first time, do not know that headstones for pets even exist, so once they find out the first question is, where do I even start? The first step is to know where to get them from. We’re here to help! Commonly asked questions are:
1. What kinds of materials are your pet grave markers made out of?
2. Can they be personalized?
3. What kind of sizes of pet headstones do you offer?
4. Do you deliver and set the headstone – especially if it is heavy?
5. How soon can I get it?
6. What are the price ranges?
When you ask questions like this you will begin to gather enough information to begin making some decisions. You will be well on your way to finding the right memorial stone for your pet.

What if my city does not allow me to bury my pet?

Rules about whether you are allowed to bury your pet – even on your own property, are often regulated by the city that you live in. While it is important to learn the rules for pet burial where you live, it does not need to stop you from having a memorial for your pet. Many people find peace in having a pet memorial garden stone that they can place in their garden or elsewhere. There are many options available to all pet owners who desire to have some kind of a memorial for their beloved pet.

How Can Walker Monument Help?

We can, of course, help you with anything from a pet grave marker to a pet memorial stone. We would be happy to help you discover the options available, help you understand the differences in each, and work with you to customize the perfect headstone or memorial for your pet. We are also happy to just answer any questions you have on the subject so that you can make the decision that is best for you. Call 801-224-1181 or email us at walkermonument@gmail.com and see how we can help you.